Location Engine description

In order to work with the Location Engine, there are 4 main sections you need to keep in mind: Locations, Beacons, Gateways and Triggers.



A location is an area (amount of space) derived from an physical location. It is described by its map/schema and coordinates to determine its current location, where you can assign Gateways.

Within Locations you will find the following options:


Map Setup

To learn how to set up your floor plan and assign Gateways, please review this tutorial.

Live Map

Once your have setup your Gateways on your map, you can use the Live map view. Here you will see in real time how many devices are located in the range of the Gateway along with their proximity to it. Just click the 'Paused' or 'Live View' button to get started.


Once you do, Location Engine will start showing all the devices that are in the range of your Gateway in one of three proximities: Immediate (< 0.5m), Near (0.5 to 3m) and Far (> 3m). 


If you click on the proximity rings, on the top right side, you will get the list of devices that have been detected by the Gateway at that proximity. Kontatk.io devices will be identified by their Unique Id, other BLE devices will display Mac address.



History shows the how many devices where in the range of a Gateway in the selected time period. You can also filter the data by proximity.


Dwell Time shows how long each device was in the range of a Gateway. It is possible to select the time period, the time interval (1 minute, 15 minutes or 1 hour) and for which receiver we want to obtain the information.


Heatmap shows which Gateway scanned the most devices in a particular time period by a given time interval (1 minute, 15 minutes or 1 hour).

Connections shows which devices were in the range of the same Gateway at the same time in a time period.


Timeline shows which devices were in range - near, immediate or far - of any Gateway.



This section shows summarized information about each of the Gateways. In the Overview it is possible to see if the Gateway is connected and the data it is reporting back to the Kontakt.io Cloud, or if their connection status is unknown. 



There are more details available, by clicking on the Gateway's uniqueId.


Beacons > Item list

An item represents a device or mobile app which can be located within the range of a Receiver. An Item can be described through a set of meta-data entries and custom properties. These data make it possible to filter items from a dynamical environment in a given period of time.


Here is an example of the GET /presence API response using the Item properties as filters.


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