Changes to Cloud Beacon Analytics

WARNING Cloud Beacon’s firmware needs to be updated to version 2.5. Please visit this article for more information on how to upgrade the firmware.

Cloud beacons are no longer available for purchase and for the last couple of months, we have stopped supporting them, which also means that there will no longer be any updates to the firmware. Because of this starting on January 31st, the Cloud Beacon legacy analytics will be no longer be supported. 

If you use Cloud Beacons for fleet management only then you don’t have to change anything. You can continue utilizing your Cloud Beacons for free and in the same way you have been using them.

However, if you use Cloud Beacons for analytics, then it would be necessary for you to switch to our new Location Engine analytics, (supported by API v10), before January 31st. If you choose to switch to our new Location Engine analytics, you will need to choose one of our two available Location Engine plans.

The analytics endpoints that will no longer be supported are:

GET /analytics/metrics/clients
GET /analytics/metrics/dwelltime
GET /analytics/metrics/ranges
GET /analytics/metrics

The new location analytics are:

GET /presence
GET /presence/dwelltime
GET /presence/contact/receiver
GET /battery

We've also introduced Web Sockets for Location Engine.

WebSocket /presence/stream/:receiverId 
WebSocket /presence/stream/:placeId

Visit our Developer Center for additional information about the new Analytics API.

For additional information about the Location Engine plans, please contact your sales representative our Sales team.



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