Getting to know your Beacon Pro

What's inside:

Nordic Semiconductor nRF52832 microcontroller, built around a 32-bit ARM® Cortex™-M4F CPU with 512kB + 64kB RAM. 
STMicroelectronics LIS3DH accelerometer.
Vishay TEMT6200FX01 ambient light sensor.
3 CR2477 Lithium Manganese Dioxide Coin Battery with capacity of 1000 mAh each. (lifetime up to 60 months). The batteries are user replaceable.


Casing is splashproof and dustproof with extraordinary look. It was designed for easy deployment as it includes a mounting clip.

Advertising Packet Structure

Introduction of Beacon Pros marks a change of how beacons broadcast their advertising packets. To read more about about this, check out our article 'Beacon Pro broadcasting rules'.

Power Saving Mode

With the built-in Vishay TEMT6200FX01 ambient light sensor it is possible for your Beacon Pro to go into Power Saving Mode. To learn how to enable Brightness level power saving, visit this tutorial.

To learn how to enable Power saving based on working hours, please visit this tutorial.

Additional features:
Real Time Clock (UTC)
LED indicator

LED indicator & Real Time Clock

With the administration app, you can update the time on your Beacon Pro. It is also possible to make the LED light of your Beacon Pro flash in order to easily locate it among your other Beacon Pros. 

Screenshot_2017-01-18-10-58-53.png IMG_4801.PNG


- 2017-12-11 09:23:17 UTC
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