How to change the batteries on your Beacon Pro

It is possible to replace the batteries of a Beacon Pro. First you will need to identify when the batteries are almost drained out. To know the battery level of your Beacon Pro, please visit this tutorial.

Once you know which device needs new batteries, you can identify it on your deployment with a new feature on the Android administration app, that turns on the LED light of your device. For more information about this feature, visit our Getting to know your Beacon Pro article.

Battery replacement instructions

You will need a Philips screwdriver to open and close your Beacon Pro.

1. Turn your Beacon Pro upside down and remove the mounting clip on the back side. Note that there is one side that has extra space in order to make this step easy.

2. With the screwdriver, carefully remove the screw. Be sure to place it in a safe place so that it doesn't get lost.

3. Now turn the beacon to its right position and lift of the top lid.

4. Remove the batteries and place new ones.

5. Place the lid back on, making sure that the lid corner with the Kontakt logo is located on top of the PCB. Carefully, turn your Beacon Pro upside down and place the screw back in. Make sure it is secure and tight.

6. After closing your Beacon Pro, apply slight pressure on the top lid, close to the LED opening, if the LED light flashes red, you need to tighten the screw some more.

7. Finally, place the mounting clip back so that it 'clicks'.


The flashing red LED light on your Beacon Pro means it is rebooting. 

To save the batteries of your Beacon Pro and extend its life, please review the available Power saving options:

Brightness level

Working Hours


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