Analytics Parameters

With the Gateway it is now possible to track and monitor all your devices. The information gathered by the Gateway is sent in almost real time to the Cloud and made available through the Location Engine. But it is also possible to access the information through our API. 

All the available endpoints can be found in our Developer Center:

API Early Access

In order to use these endpoints there are some concepts you need to be familiarized with:

Receiver Id

The receiver can be either a Gateway or a Software Gateway

In the case of a Gateway, the Receiver Id is the 5 digit-code located on one side of the device.

It is also available in the Web Panel, under Infrastructure>Beacons.

Tracking Id

The tracking Id refers to the unique Id or Mac Address of the device that is being tracked by the Gateway. 

Place Id

A Place is an area (amount of space) derived from an physical location. It is described by its map/schema and coordinates to determine its current location, where you can assign Receivers. It is strictly used in the context of Gateway and Location Engine terms.

To locate the Place Id in the Web Panel, go to Location beta, then click on the venue that contains the place you want to use. The id will be located next to the Place name.

Venue Id

A Venue is a group of beacons. Venues work around the idea of grouping beacons that are placed in the same venue or physical space. There are two places where you can get the Id of your Venue, the Web Panel and the API.

On the Web Panel, the venue id is located at the end of the url path, right after venue/

On the API, you can get a list of all your venues using the GET /venue endpoint. On the response, the Venue Id is located under the venue description, as highlighted in the below image.



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