Beacon Pro - Working hours power saving

Beacon Pro has two different Power Saving options: Brightness level and Working hours.

If you want to learn more about the Brightness level, please visit this tutorial.

NOTE Working hours power saving feature can be enabled for all Beacon Pro with firmware 1.7+ on the Web Panel.

Web Panel

Login to your Web Panel account. Go to your beacons list and select the beacon you want to create the configuration for. It is also possible to create the configuration for multiple devices, just select them and click the Bulk edit button.


Then go to the Power saving tab, there you can enable both the brightness level and working hours power saving modes.



Toggle the switch to enable power saving based on working hours.


You can select your Time zone and the working schedule for your devices by day.


Simply drag the points at the end of each line to select the start and end time of the schedule where the beacon will work normally. 


To remove the schedule of a day, just click on it and the option to delete it will appear. Click the trashcan icon to delete it. 


To add a new time period, just click and hold on the starting hour and drag your mouse to the desired end time. 


When everything is ready, save the changes. This will create a pending configuration for your device(s). Then it will be necessary to synchronize the new pending configuration with administration app.

To learn how to synchronize pending configuration to your beacons please visit our tutorials:

Synchronizing Beacon config changes (iOS)

Synchronizing Beacon config changes (Android)

- 2017-10-18 22:58:07 UTC
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