Creating an Item

An item represents a device or mobile app which can be located within the range of a Receiver. An Item can be described through a set of metadata entries and custom properties. This data makes it possible to filter items from a dynamical environment in a given period of time.

To create an item on the Web Panel, go to Beacons > Item list and click on the 'Add Item' button.


To create an item, the following information is required:

Alias - Name that identifies the Item. It can be the name of an employee, a product, or any other asset that needs to be tracked.

Tracking Id - Unique Id or MAC address of the beacon or BLE device to be tracked.

Type - Describes the object attached to the asset that is being tracked. It can be one of the following:

Category - Describes the asset being tracked. It can be one of the following:


Additionally, each item can have one or more user defined properties.To add a property, give it a name and a value and click the 'Add property' button. Once you have added all your properties, save your Item.

For example, we want to create an item for a Card beacon that will be used to track an employee. For the Alias we will use the name of the employee, Billie O. Beacon. The Id of the Card beacon that Billie will use is 'keX0'. Since we will use a Card Beacon, the item type is beacon and the category person. Finally, we want to add some properties to the Item, such as the Id of the employee, his access level and the team he belongs to. Here is how this item looks like:

Please note that when a property has been created, its status will read Non-synchronized, this means that the property hasn't been saved to the Item yet. Just click on the Save Item to synchronize the property.

It is also possible to create items using the API endpoint POST /item/create.

Items can be used to filter the available information on the Location Engine, both in the Web Panel or in the Location Engine API.

Filtering Items on the Web Panel

Currently, there are 3 different views on Locations where items can be used as filters: Live Map, Connections and Timeline.

To use the 'filter items' feature, all you need to do is add the Tracking Id used when creating the Item in the Filter Items search box as seen below:

Live map

When using the filter items in this view, the proximity rings will only show where that particular beacon is located, filtering everything else out.



When used in this view, the filter items will let us know which other devices where in proximity of our Card beacon.



This lets us know which Gateways detected the Card beacon for which we created the Item.


Filtering Items on the Location Engine API

The filtering query is completely optional. To make use if it, simply add the request parameter 'q' as seen in the example below:

In this example, we are passing in the filtering item parameter the property "team==CustomerSuccess" on the GET /presence endpoint. This way we are only getting the information available for those devices with Items that have as team property the Customer Success team. 


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