Card beacon - NFC Tag

Card beacons include a NFC Tag type 2. This tag has 46 bytes available for writing different types of data: URL, WiFi credentials, bluetooth credentials, email address, phone number, geo location, link to application, plain text, SMS, business card.

How to write to an NFC Tag

To write to the NFC tag, you can make use of 3rd party NFC writer applications such as: NFC Tools, NFC TagWriter by NXP or NFC Writer by Trigger, to name a few.

In this tutorial we will cover the process of writing to an NFC tag using the NFC Tools app.

  1. Open the app, go to 'write' tab and click on 'Add a record'.
  2. Then select the type of record you want to create. For this example we'll use the text type.
  3. Enter the data relevant for the type of record you want to create and save it.
  4. Then click on the 'write' button.
  5. Approach your Card beacon to your device and wait for the process to be completed.
Write1.png Write2.png
Write3.png Write4.png
Write5.png Write6.png

How to read an NFC Tag

This application also includes a feature to read the tags. Now that you have created a new record for your tag, in order to review it, just select the 'read' option and approach the card to the device.

Write8.png Write9.png


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