NOTE If you are new to the ecosystem visit our Getting Started guide.
NOTE Location Engine is still in beta, additional features will be made publicly available in the upcoming months. 

Location Engine allows you to keep track of your beacons in real time. 

What do I need?

In order to work with the Location Engine, the following items are required:

- Web Panel accountApi Key

- Gateway

- Computer with USB ports or Power supply

- beacons, BLE devices

- Location Engine Subscription Plan

Check out our Asset tracking starter kit. For more information about the current subscription plans, contact our sales team (


In order to track your beacons using Location Engine it is necessary to have some Gateways on your venue. 

Please note that the Gateway doesn't include a battery, so it needs a constant power supply in order to work.

- 2017-10-17 18:58:59 UTC
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