Beacon Tags

Device tags can be used to group or classify your devices depending on your needs. You can use tags to identify where are the beacons located within a venue, what are they being used for or any purpose you might give them. Think of the device tags as virtual labels for your beacons. 

You can create a maximum of 20 tags per device. All tags must be lower case, include no space or special characters and can't be longer than 32 characters. If you try to create this tag: "Front door&window" the resulting tag will be 'frontdoorwindow' as the panel will transform the input value into an accepted one. 

Creating tags - Web Panel

It is possible to create tags for a single device, or select multiple devices to add the same tags for all the selected.

For a single device, simply go to the detail view of the device, under the General section, below the general settings you will find the device tags. Simply input there the tags you need for your device. 

beacontagss.png To add tags to multiple devices, select those you want to edit and click on Bulk edit. Tags are located below the alias field. You an assign multiple tags to the selected devices.


Creating tags - iOS administration app

It is also possible to create tags directly on the iOS administration app. Just select your device and on the details view in the configuration section tags are available. Just select that option and start typing.

IMG_4475.PNG IMG_4474.PNG

Creating tags - Android administration app

The Android administration app also includes an option to create tags for your devices. Just go to your device, click on tags, and then on the plus '+' sign to start typing. Once you have added your tag click on the checkmark to save it. Once you have added all the tags, click on the back arrow. The tags will synchronize to the Cloud.

AndroidTags1.png AndroidTags2.png
AndroidTags3.png AndroidTags4.png
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