Gateway - New firmware version (1.2.4) available!

There is a new firmware upgrade (1.2.4) available for your Gateways that gives them a boost to its core features, the ability to collect and send data to the cloud and the ability to trigger actions based on location-related events.

Here’s what the new firmware brings:

  • better data compression when sending data to API → Depending on the frequency of the data sent and the number of beacons in range, Gateways running on older firmware versions would send a lot of data. The new update makes the Gateway 5x more efficient by better compressing data, helping users who have limited data bandwidth or struggle with network overloads.
  • local action triggers → You can now use triggers locally, without any internet connection.
  • fast restart → We’ve reduced the time Gateway needs to reboot from around 60 seconds down to 15 seconds.
  • soft reset for faster configuration → From now on, all Gateway configurations are applied faster as it no longer has to do a full reset each time it receives new settings.
  • several bug fixes to make your fleet run more smoothly.

Gateways will upgrade their firmware automatically if they have an active internet connection and are plugged to a power source. 

If you just received your Gateways or if you are new to the Location Engine ecosystem, please visit our Getting Started guide: Gateway & Location Engine.



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