Gateway setup through iOS Admin app

It is possible to change the WiFi configuration of your Gateway using the iOS Administration app. 

WARNING Please note that initial configuration for Gateways with firmware 1.2.4 or below should be done following the How to Setup your Gateway tutorial.

With the newest firmware release 1.3.3, the initial configuration can been applied to the Gateway, without the need to plug it to a computer, using the iOS administration app by following these steps:

1. Open your iOS Administration app.
2.Find your Gateway on the devices list on click on it.
3. Wait until the device finish with the reading configuration process, you can proceed to select WiFi network.
4. Select the network from the list.
5. Once selected it will ask for the password.
6. Type in the password for the selected WiFi network and click Join.
7. The configuration will be applied, so wait until the writing configuration process is complete.
8. Once you see the operation completed message below the Gateway Id, the Gateway will reboot itself in order to apply its new configuration and if it was applied successfully its LED will turn green.

Gateway2.PNG Gateway1.PNG
Gateway3.png Gateway4.png
Gateway5.png Gateway6.png
Gateway7.png Gateway8.png

To ensure your Gateway is sending data to the Location Engine, you can go to Location Engine > Gateways and check its status.


- 2017-07-06 20:59:02 UTC
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