Beacon Maintenance

Beacons are very simple devices that require almost no maintenance. As long as as they have working batteries they will continue to broadcast their signal. It is also important to upgrade their firmware to the latest available version, to make sure all the latest features are available for your beacons.


There are different options when it comes to knowing the battery level of your beacons, using a 3rd party BLE scanner app to read the information directly from the beacon, keeping the Web panel up-to-date by using the administration app to get the battery readings, integrating our SDK to your own application to implement beacon health monitoring. You can learn more by visiting this article.

If you subscribe your beacons to Customer Care for 3 or more years, we will monitor the batteries of your beacons for you and let you know when a battery change is needed or simply swap your beacons for new ones. 

As soon as the battery level of your beacon gets to a low level, it is time to replace its batteries for brand new ones, as described here. 

Gateways need to be plugged to a power source at all times. It is important to make sure that the micro USB cable used on your Gateway gives a minimum 1A output.


It is quite simple to check if there is a firmware upgrade for your beacons. On the Web Panel, under your beacons list, there is an icon that indicates when a firmware upgrade is available.FMW.jpg If you hover your mouse over the icon, it will show the firmware version.


To upgrade the firmware on your beacons, follow this tutorial

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