IMPORTANT: Firmware 3.X deprecation

We've recently announced that we will no longer provide support for firmware versions below 4.X, so we recommend that you upgrade the firmware of your beacons by the end of 2017. Newer Beacon models, such as Beacon Pro or Card beacon, have the latest firmware versions, so there isn't any action needed for these models.

This deprecation is also included in our SDKs, since we are deleting support for old firmware version from them. Please note that the old SKD will still be available in our GitHub account.

Some of the advantages of upgrading the firmware are:

To learn how to upgrade the firmware of your beacons, please review this tutorial.

Please note that in order to make the upgrade process as smooth as possible, the use of advance features, such as Bulk Firmware Upgrade, will be available for all beacons, including those without Infrastructure Management until the end of 2017.

So, upgrade your beacon's firmware now!

- 2017-11-01 16:03:01 UTC
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