Ordering Beacons FAQ

Can I order just one beacon?

No, our minimum order size is 3 beacons. We think it's the optimal amount to start testing beacons. It is the minimum number of beacons that allows more complex use cases, like triangulation for example.

Do you offer special pricing for Non-Profit Organizations?

Yes we do! Contact our sales team from the links on the order page, for more details.

Do Kontakt.io Beacon's cases come in other colours?

Absolutely they do! You can find our current selection on our order page. We are also able to provide custom colours on request.


What volumes of beacons can you I order from you?

Any volume you want! We have set up our manufacturing to handle large volume orders.

The image below shows 5,000 (and 1) kontakt.io Beacons ready for shipment to the U.S. - total weight 200Kg ;-)

What about adding my logo?

Yes, you can add your logo. There is a minimum order size of 100 units for custom logos and small additional charge. Please visit this article for the details on how to request your custom logo.

How quickly can you ship your beacons?

For most orders, we are ready to ship within 1 business day; once your payment has been confirmed. Larger and/or more complex orders can take longer e.g. if customization is involved.

What are your payment methods?

Yes, you can request specific preset for your beacons. The ordering process for beacons with presets is described in this article.

What payment methods are available in the Web Store?

Credit card, Paypal or Bank transfer.

How much do Kontakt.io Beacons cost?

To learn more about the prices of Kontak.io beacons, please visit our Web Store or contact our sales team.

Do you have a returns policy?

Yes! You can read our return policy here.

- 2017-03-21 09:25:02 UTC
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  • Avatar
    Stas Stepanovich

    Dear partners,
    I ask to consider the possibility of selling beacons of all the main types, one for testing.

  • Avatar

    Hi Stas. Feel free to reach out to our sales team at sales@kontakt.io with any sales inquiries.

  • Avatar
    Stas Stepanovich

    Hi Martin.
    Thanks for the quick response.
    I need an invoice for 4 beacons: Smart Beacon, Smart Beacon 2, Tough Beacon, USB Beacon
    With a favorable test, we will make a large order.
    with respect,

  • Avatar

    Stas, all beacons are available in our online store, but if you need a custom order, please get in touch with our sales team directly.

  • Avatar
    Stas Stepanovich

    Ok, Martin
    thanks for the information

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