Latest Software Versions latest software versions:

Software Current version Release date Comments
Smart Beacon Firmware 4.2 Jan 24, 2017 How to check and upgrade your firmware iOS app 2.4.0 Oct 3, 2017 Download app Android App 1.6.2 Oct 30, 2017 Download app
REST API Stable 9.0 Nov, 2016

View developer docs

REST API Early Access 10.0 Continuous

View developer docs

Web Panel   Continuous Quick start guide 
Android SDK 3.3.2 October 16, 2017 View developer docs
iOS SDK 1.4.4 Mar 28, 2017 View developer docs
Beacon Pro Firmware 1.9 Mar 23, 2017 How to check and upgrade your firmware
Gateway 1.5.5 Aug 9, 2017 Setup


Some of the current versions aren't available as an over the air upgrade, as they contain rather small changes to the firmware.

Firmware 4.2 is available for newly produced beacons.

- 2017-11-01 20:58:44 UTC
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