Scan response packet structure

The Scan response packet contains basic information about a Beacon.

Once an advertising packet has been received by a scanning device (such as a mobile), further information can be requested.  The Beacon responds with the Scan response packet.  After sending the scan response packet (this is sent just once) the Beacon will continue broadcasting advertising packets.

The package length is variable (up to 31 bytes), depending on the length of the device name.

The scan response packet consists of:

  • Device name
  • Transmission power
  • Beacon ID
  • Firmware version
  • Battery level Beacons - Scan response packet structure
ByteDefault valueDescriptionProperties
1 08* Data length – 8 bytes device name length (max. 15 bytes)
2 09 Data type – complete local name fixed
3 4b* Local name set device name
4 6f* Local name set device name
5 6e* Local name set device name
6 74* Local name set device name
7 61* Local name set device name
8 6b* Local name set device name
9 74* Local name set device name
10 02 Data length – 2 bytes fixed
11 0a Data type – tx power level fixed
12 f4 Tx Power value set tx power value
13 0a Data length – 10 bytes fixed
14 16 Data type – service data fixed
15 0d Service UUID fixed
16 d0 Service UUID fixed
17 xx Beacon ID 1st byte fixed
18 xx Beacon ID 2nd byte fixed
19 xx Beacon ID 3rd byte fixed
20 xx Beacon ID 4th byte fixed
21 xx Firmware version 1st byte fixed
22 xx Firmware version 2nd byte fixed
23 xx Battery level depends on current level

*Depends on set device name (max. 15 bytes)

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