How to check and upgrade the firmware of your Beacons

NEW There is a new firmware version available for your Beacon Pro: Firmware 1.9.2. 
NOTE Gateway firmware is distributed automatically to all active Gateways. Once a new firmware is released, the Gateway will be automatically updated, the device will restart itself.

We highly recommend checking for firmware regularly. Every new firmware version introduces new enhancements that will improve the performance of your hardware. If you would like to learn more about the difference between firmware 3.1 and 4.0, please check out this article.

You'll see an orange icon alongside your beacons in the Proximity Web Panel informing you if a new version of firmware is available for your beacons.

NOTE When you're ready to update to firmware 4.0+, please remember to turn off shuffling before doing so. 

Once you hover your mouse cursor over it, you will get more details about this update:


You will need also to use our mobile Admin App to update your beacons.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Get the latest version of our Android Admin App or iOS Admin App, if you haven’t already done so.
  2. Bring your mobile into range of any beacons you want to check or update.
  3. Tap on a beacon to see whether firmware upgrade is available for this particular unit.
  4. Click the Firmware Update Available on the bottom of your screen, and the firmware will download and install automatically on that beacon.

Special prerequisites for upgrading to firmware 4.0

Firmware 4.0 introduces a lot of changes in how beacons work. Beacons with this firmware gain all of Secure features. You can enable on them Secure Shuffling and configuring them requires the use of the Secure Communication protocol.

If you don't turn on Secure Shuffling, beacons with firmware 4.0 will work the same way in end-user application that rely on iBeacon or Eddystone advertising packets. But because of the fact the Secure Communication is used exclusively on firmware 4.0, configuring beacons with this firmware requires our latest Administration Apps or apps based on the newest version of SDKs.

In order to protect from unintended upgrades to version 4.0 before you're ready, we require some additional steps to upgrade beacons firmware from version 3.1 to 4.0.

First of all, upgrade to firmware 4.0 is available only on devices that already have firmware 3.1 installed on them. If your beacons have older versions on them, please follow the standard procedure to upgrade them to version 3.1.

Once you see in your Web Panel account that an upgrade for version 4.0 is available for your beacon, please go to this beacon settings and click a green UPDATE button in the Device Information section:

Then you'll need to acknowledge that you understand what it means to upgrade the beacon's firmware:

We take this very seriously, so you will be asked about this for the second time:

After you confirm you understand all implications, upgrade to version 4.0 for this beacon will become unlocked:

Then you can proceed as with any other firmware upgrade – just open the Administration App and proceed with applying it. When it's done the Web Panel will show the new version number:


Here is a short GIF showing the process on Web Panel:

and applying firmware update on iOS Admin App

Beacon Pro firmware upgrade

The update to firmware button will be available at the top of the details view. Simply click it to start the firmware update. Please make sure that the beacon is in close range of your device in order to ensure that there is a strong and stable connection to the beacon.

Please note that this process could take a couple of minutes. It is also possible to upgrade the firmware of your Beacon Pro with the iOS administration app. Just go to Bulk, and click on the top where it says "pending configuration" and you will get the option to choose Firmware updates. This process would take more time as more beacons need updates, so please make sure that your device doesn't go into sleep mode.


  • If an outdated Beacon is not registering on the Admin App, try getting closer to the Beacon (e.g. equivalent to a near proximity trigger).
  • Make sure you keep your Smartphone in range of the Beacons while performing the update. You need to maintain a stable link with the Beacon for the duration of the upgrade.
  • If you receive “Unknown ATT error” on the iOS application app, when trying to configure you beacon Pro after upgrading its firmware, please force restart your iOS device following these instructions.
- 2017-08-14 23:46:46 UTC
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