How to reset my Proximity Web Panel Account password?

The same email address and password allow to sign in to both your Proximity Web Panel account and the Administration Apps.

Navigate to the reset password page (or click the Forgot Password? link on the from the Web Panel Sign in page).

Enter the email address for your account, and a new password will be sent to your email.

Now go back to Web Panel Sign in page and fill the form with your email address and new password.

Then click the Sign in button to get access to your account.

If you do not receive a reset email with your account details, then:

Check that the email set from has not been redirected to your SPAM or Promotions folder.

If you have entered an incorrect email address or an email that is not registered with us, you will not be informed when you try to reset your password.  

If you haven't received the email then it's likely you are not using the email address we have for your account. Please be aware that Web Panel account and Web Store account are two different things. Having a Web Store account does not mean you automatically have a Web Panel account, so using Web Store account's email for Web Panel's reset won't work.

If you still can't get the reset email, just contact our support.

In case you forgot your account, meaning you don't remember the email address you used to sign in to the Web Panel, please contact support, include the order Id or Ids for your beacons, or a couple of Unique Ids of beacons you had assign to your account.

Please note that additional information might be required from you to prove beacon ownership.

First time?

Then check out our quick start guide.

- 2017-07-03 17:40:34 UTC
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