Beacon "non-connectable" mode - Device locked message

NOTE Since firmware 4.0, we've moved away from using passwords as portrayed in these images, these only apply to beacons running firmware 3.1 and lower. To learn how to upgrade the firmware of your beacons visit this tutorial.

This message appears after an unsuccessful attempt to connect with a beacon.

If you put a wrong password or wait more than 30 seconds before you enter a password, the beacon will automatically disconnect from your phone and will enter "non-connectable" mode for 20 minutes.

It's our counter-measure for brute-force attacks on your beacon's password.

This could happen for few reasons:

You weren't logged in to your account in the admin app.

Normally our app downloads passwords for your beacons once you try to connect with them. If you're not logged in, you will get prompted for the password.

Incorrect password

Entering a wrong password or not entering anything will trigger "non-connectable" mode.

You'll get the following message for 20 minutes:

Your Beacon is still doing its job!

Although you can't connect with your Beacon during these 20 minutes, your beacons are still transmitting their advertising packets, so apps that depends on them will work without any problem.

You just can't change Beacon settings until the "non-connectable" period times out.

Can't wait twenty minutes?

If you remove your Beacon's battery and then replace it, this will reset "non-connectable" mode and you'll be able to update your Beacon after entering the correct password, or logging into your account.


- 2016-11-23 18:35:25 UTC
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