Configuring Beacons in the Proximity Web Panel




  • Edgar

    If you select iBeacon in the "Select Profile" does this mean that only Apple devices can see that beacon? Or will Android devices see it too? If not do you need to buy a second beacon, set it to Android, and have the same Major/Minor as the IBeacon?

  • Martin

    Hi Edgar. Although iBeacon is an Apple standard and the newly launched Eddystone a Google one, we've been working with iBeacon on Android for as long as we've in operation. Depending on what you plan to develop, you could use either or both, totally up to you; our Beacons can be easily configured to work on either.

  • sandra

    how I can send a file from the beacon to my phone , I would like to give it a try

  • Martin

    Hi Sandra. Beacons don't do much other than advertise their presence to your device through the iBeacon or Eddystone standard, your application should translate this into a meaningful message or interaction over to the user. Why don't you try the Eddystone-URL, it's now supported by Chrome for Android, check out this article.

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