iBeacon Parameters: UUID, Major and Minor

The UUID, Major and Minor parameters are your iBeacon's identifier and make up the key component of the Advertising packets that are continually transmitted by your Beacons.

Kontakt.io iBeacon settings

These values are preset before your iBeacons are shipped.  The UUID for all your iBeacons will be the same value, and the Major and Minor values will vary for each iBeacon.  You can request these values to be set to your own values as part of the order process.  You can also change these values by using our iOS or Android Administration App. 

What is UUID?

UUID stands for Universally Unique Identifier.  It contains 32 hexadecimal digits, split into 5 groups, separated by hyphens and should look something like this:

f7826da6-4fa2-4e98-8024-bc5b71e0893e  - Kontakt.io default UUID
Each of the 5 groups must contain the following number of characters per section:
First section: 8
Second section: 4
Third section: 4
Fourth section: 4
Fifth section: 12

Characters should be numbers from 0-9, or letters from A to F. A group can be made entirely of just numbers or letters or a combination of both. 

The following are examples of valid UUIDs:
The UUID is standard identifying system which allows a 'unique' number to be generated for a device (or in the case of Beacons, manufacturer, application or owner).

The purpose of the ID is to distinguish iBeacons in your network, from all other beacons in networks outside your control. By default you will be assigned only one UUID when ordering iBeacons, which is linked to your account.
Technically an organization can use multiple UUIDs if needed, for example to identify venues in different locations or to identify different business units. 

What are Major and Minor values?

Major and Minor values are numbers assigned to your iBeacons, in order to identify them with greater accuracy than using UUID alone.

Minor and Major are unsigned integer values between 0 and 65535.

The iBeacon standard requires both a Major and Minor value to be assigned.

How to use UUID, Major and Minor values?

Major values are intended to identify and distinguish a group – for example all beacons in on a certain floor or room in your venue could be assigned a unique major value.

Minor values are intended to identify and distinguish an individual – for example distinguishing individual beacons within a group of beacons assigned a major value.

Example scenario

Say you are a Museum who has bought 1000 iBeacons. All 1000 beacons use the same UUID which tells end-users that these beacons are owned by the Museum.

This museum has 5 exhibitions running, so the museum assigns a Major value of 1 through 5 to identify beacons assigned to a particular exhibit. So there are now 5 groups of beacons with an assigned major value of 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5.

Now let’s say there are 200 paintings and sculptures within each exhibition. All the exhibits are assigned an iBeacon to deliver unique information about each piece, so you use the Minor value to distinguish between each iBeacon.

So there are now 5 groups with 200 iBeacons each, and each beacon is assigned a minor value of 1 through 200.

You can now precisely identify every iBeacon in the museum by their assigned exhibition, and down to each individual painting and sculpture. This is also how you can direct guests towards a precise location, by asking them to search for the specific beacon ID numbers.

Do I have to use Major and Minor values?

Technically you do not have to assign these values at all (although they are all required as part of the Apple's iBeacon standard) – however they are very useful for identifying, organizing, and tracking iBeacons down to a finer level. If you want your iBeacons to deliver unique content, then they need to have a unique ID to distinguish them.

There may however be applications, where using only the UUID is a useful feature; so we do not require using these values. This is up to your unique use-case.

You can also assign a Major or a Minor value if this better suits your purpose. Smaller beacon systems for example may not need to use multiple groups, or you could group beacons by a particular function where individualization is unnecessary.

Can I change the UUID, Major, and Minor values?

Yes. You can change the UUID, Major, and Minor values in our iBeacons using our mobile Administration App for iOS or Android.

These and other values can be read and changed only by those who are privileged to do so as every single beacon is protected by a password generated by our internal system.

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