Replacing the battery in your Beacons

The battery in your beacons

  • Our Beacons are shipped with CR2477 coin lithium batteries.
  • This is a replaceable, non-rechargeable, battery, available online and most electronic shops.
  • The Tough Beacon has a non-replaceable battery due to its sealed casing.
  • The Card Beacon has a non-replaceable battery due to its thin nature and it is not rechargeable.
  • There are different ways to obtain a battery level, you can read more about them here.
NOTE For information on how to replace the battery on your Beacon Pro, please visit this tutorial.

Replacing the battery

You can replace the battery yourself in just a couple of minutes and you’ll need no special tools.

Step 1 - Opening the beacon case

Flip off the back of your Beacon.  The best way to open your beacons is detecting the sides of the small tabs and apply a slight pressure to the opposite sides. You can use a screwdriver or other small flat tool to do this. There’s no need to use force, it should click off easily.

IMG_5268.jpg IMG_5280.jpg

Drop the battery and board assembly into the palm of your hand. There is a sturdy clip to keep your battery firmly in place - just slide out the old battery.
Step 2 - Removing the board and battery

IMG_5276.jpg IMG_5277.jpg


Step 3 - Replace the battery

You’ll notice that the +ve face of the coin battery is flat (and normally marked with a +), and the -ve face is slightly rounded.  Make sure that the -ve face, the rounded one, is closest to the circuit board.  Slide your new battery into position - with the U clip more or less in the center of the battery.

It's the same step for Double Battery Beacon, just to make sure the battery pack is gently placed back.


Step 4 - Close the beacon case

Place the board assembly and battery into the molded container on the base of your beacon.

IMG_5275.jpg IMG_5274.jpg

You’ll notice that the base has two small tabs on one face and a single tab on the opposing face.  These having matching small slots on the Beacon cover.

Place the beacon base on a hard surface, such as a desk or table. Line up the tabs on the base, with the small slots in the beacon cover, and press the cover firmly into place.  You’ll hear a small click when it has seated properly.

That's it, you're done. Your Beacon is good for another two year's uninterrupted operation!!

- 2017-11-27 18:34:12 UTC
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