Transmission power, Range and RSSI

The maximum range of the broadcast signal depends on the transmission power setting, as well as environmental factors.  Signals can suffer interference, be diffracted or absorbed. 

The default transmission power is set to -12 dBm. Transmission power level can be adjusted by the user with the Admin App for iOS or Android (values 0-7 as shown below) or directly from your Web Panel, but then you need to synchronise those settings using the iOS or Android Administration App.

Available transmission power values [dBm]
Hexadecimal value TX Power level Decimal value RSSI @ 1 metre Range (metres)1
e2 02 -30 dBm -115 dBm 2
ec 1 -20 dBm -84 dBm 4
f0 2 -16 dBm -81 dBm 10
f43 3 -12 dBm -77 dBm 20
f8 4 -8 dBm -72 dBm 30
fc 5 -4 dBm -69 dBm 40
00 6 0 dBm -65 dBm 60
04 7 4 dBm -59 dBm 70

1 Range is an approximate figure and depends on other factors, such as the operating environment, Beacon placement.

2 Not available on the Beacon Pro

3 Default value for Beacons

NOTE Every Tx Power level has its own calibrated RSSI @ 1m (iBeacon) or @ 0m (Eddystone)
- 2017-06-22 11:16:30 UTC
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  • Avatar
    Hans Jacob Fehrmann Rojas

    In iOS, there is no way to access the Tx power variable and because of that, you can have a good estimate of the distannce to the beacon (the mix of proximity and accuracy doesn't tell you anything). Hope this can be fixed ASAP.


  • Avatar

    Hi Hans. Our beacons are adhering to the official iBeacon format, so any changes would have to come from Apple directly. You can check the iBeacon adverstising packet in our beacons on this article.

    Edited by Martin
  • Avatar
    Hans Jacob Fehrmann Rojas

    I forgot to specify that I'm using eddystones beacons. This change something?

  • Avatar

    Hans, our SDK for iOS should yield an RSSI value for Eddystone beacons as well, part of the KTKEddystone Class.

    Edited by Martin

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