Transmission power, Range and RSSI




  • Hans Jacob Fehrmann Rojas

    In iOS, there is no way to access the Tx power variable and because of that, you can have a good estimate of the distannce to the beacon (the mix of proximity and accuracy doesn't tell you anything). Hope this can be fixed ASAP.


  • Martin

    Hi Hans. Our beacons are adhering to the official iBeacon format, so any changes would have to come from Apple directly. You can check the iBeacon adverstising packet in our beacons on this article.

  • Hans Jacob Fehrmann Rojas

    I forgot to specify that I'm using eddystones beacons. This change something?

  • Martin

    Hans, our SDK for iOS should yield an RSSI value for Eddystone beacons as well, part of the KTKEddystone Class.

  • Emil Polyak

    Hi, does it matter which way the beacon is facing when mounted? We installed it on a tree branch and it seems to be much stronger on one side of the tree than it is on the other. (Tough beacon)

  • Martin

    Hi Emil, our general recommendation is placing the beacon with our logo facing the targeted area. Other than that, just keep in mind they have a basic doughnut radiation pattern, and that you have to account for any sources of radio wave interference.

  • Jason mcmiller

    ok im from Wisconsin and its cold up hear!!! how bad does the cold effect the transmission of the becon? what does it do to its distance in broadcasting??

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