Synchronizing Beacon config changes (iOS)

You can configure Beacons individually or in bulk using the Proximity Web Panel as described in this article: Configuring Beacons in the Proximity Web Panel.

Once you have updated your Beacon configuration from the Web Panel, the configuration is in a Pending state, until the Beacon comes within range of a device running our Administration App or an app based on our SDK with the configuration feature implemented.

You can download your copy of iOS Administration App from the Apple App Store.

You can only synchronize Beacons that are managed by you. So first, sign in to your account on the Administration App - the login and password are the same as for your Web Panel (Not sure what these are? - those articles will help you start with Proximity Web Panel).

  • Tap on the Sign In button
  • Enter your account email and password.

When you're logged in, you will normally see a list of all in-range Beacons showing the battery level for each one.

NOTE This shows all Beacons that are in range.  You will only be able to apply configs to Beacons that are assigned to you as Manager.

You can also switch tab to My Devices to display only Beacons assigned to your account.

A green dot indicates that there is a firmware update available for your device. A black dot indicates that there is a pending configuration. Find the beacon with a pending configuration or firmware update and tap on it. Each type will display a different message on the details view:

When you press it, the app will connect to a beacon and send new configuration or firmware update. Once it's done, the settings from your pending configuration will have been applied to your Beacon and the pending configuration deleted from your Web Panel. If it was a firmware update, the new firmware will be applied to the device and the information about the current firmware on the device will be updated to the Web Panel.

Applying Pending Configuration Updating Firmware


NOTE Only Beacons belonging to you (and not to other Managers or your subordinate managers) can be updated.  The current manager is determined from your login information.
- 2017-06-03 23:44:42 UTC
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