Cloud Beacon - FAQ

WARNING Cloud beacons are no longer available for sale. If you are interested in gathering analytics of your beacons, check out our NEW Gateway.

What is the battery life of a Cloud Beacon?

The battery life depends on the Cloud Beacon settings.  With high frequency BLE and WiFi scans and aggressive transmission frequency, your Cloud Beacon may last only a week on a full charge.  With more optimized settings, a full battery may last several years.  The supplied 12800mAh battery is rechargeable.

Can I keep my Cloud Beacon connected to power outlet?

Yes, your Cloud Beacon can be connected permanently to a USB power source.

What is the battery level of my Cloud Beacon?

You can check the battery level of your Cloud Beacon from your Web Panel (Web Panel setup guide).

Click on Infrastructure>Gateways to display your Cloud Beacons. You can identify your Cloud beacons with the icons located on the left side.

Click on the name to edit the Cloud Beacon you are interested in. You'll see the battery level displayed.  This will show the level the last time your Cloud Beacon connected to the cloud.

What Firmware version is my Cloud Beacon running?

You can check the current version of your Cloud Beacon firmware directly from your Web Panel.

Log in to your Web Panel
Click on Infrastructure in the header then on Gateways
Select one of your Cloud Beacons
Click on the edit link to open the detail view
The current firmware version number is displayed bottom left.

Where can I find the data retrieved by the Cloud beacon?

The Analytics for the Cloud beacon have been deprecated. Cloud Beacons will still be fully operational, and will become part of the Location Engine. Please refer to our new API analytics documentation for additional information. 



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