Install the Cloud Beacon Update software

Note: The Updater software is not required for Cloud Beacons with firmware V2.0 or higher. Refer to the Quickstart guide for up to date configuration instructions. 

If have just received your Cloud Beacon and want to configure it for the first time, this is not the document for you.  You need to refer to the Quickstart guide - Configuring your Cloud Beacon.

If you have configured your Cloud Beacon, but need to re-install the configuration software to change your network configuration or to upgrade your firmware, then read on.

  1. Installation process for Windows
  2. Installation process for Mac/Linux

Install the Cloud Beacon Update program for Windows

This step will add a required device driver to your Windows machine and install the Cloud Beacon Updater.

For Mac and Linux this step is not required, skip to STEP 3.

You’ll need Windows 7 or later, earlier versions have not been tested with the software.

Note: Do not connect your PC to the Cloud Beacon during this step.  If you have the USB cable connected, then remove it.

1.  Download the Cloud Beacon Update software for Windows.
2.  Double click, or run, the CloudBeaconUpdater-Setup.exe program.

        a. If the following warning message is displayed, then click on ‘More info

       b. Click the Run anyway button to proceed with the installation.

This will launch the setup program.


3.  Click Next to start the install Wizard.

4.  Follow the instructions to complete the installation.

Once the installation wizard has completed, you’ll need to put the Cloud Beacon into Firmware Update mode to complete the driver installation.

Tip: Insert a straightened paper clip or fine pen into the opening for the button and push gently until you feel the ‘click’.  You’ll need two for this operation as both buttons need to be depressed.

  1. Connect the Cloud Beacon to your PC  using the Micro USB Cable provided with your shipment.
  2. Press and hold the Reset Button on your Cloud Beacon.
  3. While holding Reset Button press and hold the Action Button.
  4. Release the Reset Button, LED will turn light-blue, then green for about one second indicating that Firmware Update mode has been initiated.
  5. Release the Action Button

Once your Cloud Beacon is in Firmware Update mode, it will take approximately a minute for the driver setup to complete.  During this time do not disconnect the Beacon from your PC or allow your PC to go into standby mode.

After a minute has passed, Reset the Cloud Beacon - briefly press the Reset button, the LED will flash light-blue and the device will reset.

Install the Cloud Beacon Update program (Mac and Linux)

The Cloud Beacon configuration software will allow you set the Network access for your Cloud Beacon.

  1. Download the CloudBeaconUpdater.jar from
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