Kontakt.io Proximity Web Panel - Configuring Cloud Beacons

Using the Kontakt.io Proximity Web Panel, you can configure your Cloud Beacons.

If you want to configure your Beacons, rather than Cloud Beacons then please look at our guide Kontakt.io Proximity Web Panel - Configuring Beacons.

This allows you to change Beacon information for the device:

  • Beacon ID (Proximity UUID, Major, Minor)
  • Transmission Power
  • Advertising interval
  • Alias
  • Password

and Cloud Beacon information:

  • Local network connection - SSID
  • WiFi Scan interval
  • Data send interval
  • BLE scan interval
  • BLE scan duration

It's important to realise that once you have applied new settings to your Beacons via the Web Panel, your Beacons will not be updated until they come in range of a device running one of our apps.

  1. Kontakt.io Cloud Beacon properties
  2. Configuring individual Cloud Beacons

Kontakt.io Cloud Beacon properties

Click on DEVICES on the panel header to configure your beacons.

This will open the list view for all your Beacons and Cloud Beacons. 

Configuring individual Cloud Beacons

Click on the unique ID or pencil icon on the far left to change the properties for individual Cloud Beacons.

Browse through the tabs to change the WiFi properties, or anything related to the iBeacon configuration.

Assuming that your Cloud Beacon is configured and communicating with the kontakt.io cloud, the changed value will be applied to the Cloud Beacon automatically depending on the Data send interval.

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