Kontakt.io Cloud Beacon Network configuration

If you have just received your Cloud Beacon and want to configure it for the first time, then you need to follow the Cloud Beacon quickstart guide.

If you want to change your Cloud Beacon network configuration, this article is for you.

Changing your Network connection from the Kontakt.io Proximity Web Panel

If your Cloud Beacon is currently connected via your local access point to the Kontakt.io cloud, then you can change your Network settings directly from the Web Panel.  Note: once the new network settings have been synchronized with your Cloud Beacon, it will lose access to the 'old' network.

Changing your Network connection with the configuration program

If you have changed your local network configuration or want your Cloud Beacon to connect to a new network, you can use the built-in Cloud Beacon configuration software to make the change.

Put your Cloud Beacon into config mode:

1. Press and release the Reset Button.

After releasing the reset button there will be a brief pause and then the LED will briefly flash light-blue.  

As soon as the LED flashes light blue:

2. Press and release the Action Button.

This will start configuration mode and the LED will pulse light-blue.

Connect to the Cloud Beacon

Once your Cloud Beacon is in configuration mode, it will create a new Access Point for your network.  If you go to your network settings, you will see that a new network is available with the name  CLOUD_xxxxx where xxxxx is the uniqueId of your Cloud Beacon.

Note: This network is open, i.e does not require a password.  The network is only used to connect with your Cloud Beacon during configuration and does not pose a security concern.  As soon as you exit configuration mode, the network will cease to exist.
  1. Connect your PC to the new WiFi network.
  2. In your Web Browser, enter the IP address to connect to the Cloud Beacon.

The Cloud Beacon network configuration panel will display in your Browser Window.

  1. Enter your SSID name.  Your current network name will be displayed (SSID is).
  2. Enter your SSID Password (the password for your WiFi network).
  3. Confirm the SSID Authorization and Encryption for your network (this will be set to your current network values, you can normally just accept the selected values).
  4. Click on the Submit button to update your Cloud Beacon.

Your Cloud Beacon will stop flashing light blue.  The LED will briefly turn  light green and then a second or two later,  light blue to indicate that the device has reset.

Your configuration is now applied to the Cloud Beacon.  You can just close the browser window, the network connection will have already disappeared.

Did my configuration work?

After restart, your Cloud Beacon will validate the configuration and commence normal operation.  

If you visit your Web Panel, go to the Devices page and edit your Cloud Beacon, you should see that your WIFI NETWORK PROPERTIES now reflect the values you have just set for your device.

Problems with the configuration

If there were any problems with the new configuration, then a warning LED sequence will be displayed about 30 seconds after the device resets.  Check the LED light sequence to determine the error condition.

In most cases, any problems are caused by incorrect values for the network information or your API key.  If this is the case, then just re-run the configuration process and enter the correct values.

If the LED changes to red (not green) after you Submit your settings, then the configuration was not applied to the Cloud Beacon. It’s likely that this was caused by invalid data, such as illegal characters in the network name. Check that you have entered the network data correctly, make any necessary changes, and restart the configuration process.  

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