Scan and log anonymized hashes of Wi-FI and BLE MAC addresses

From the moment you configure your Cloud Beacon, it started collecting statistics about the environment around it.  Your Cloud Beacon can detect and monitor all in-range BLE and Wifi devices.  You can set the frequency and duration used to collect device information from our Web Panel or using the REST API.

Analytics data is stored temporarily on the Cloud Beacon and then transmitted to Cloud each time your Cloud Beacons connects.  All your analytics are available from the cloud at any time.  

You can measure:

  • The number, type and MAC address of all devices in range of your Cloud Beacon.
  • The time each device spends in range of the Cloud Beacon 

At the time of writing, we collect anonymized MAC addresses, in a future release you’ll be able select whether MAC addresses are anonymized or not.

Analytics are not yet available from your Proximity Web Panel but you can used the Proximity REST API to access the data in a variety of forms

- 2017-01-08 09:03:50 UTC
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