Serve as a permanently plugged-in Bluetooth BLE Beacon

Your Cloud Beacons can not only manage your BLE Beacons and scan all in-range WiFi devices, they can also act as Bluetooth Beacons in their own right.  

Your Cloud Beacon will continuously transmit advertising packets and can be used to trigger and serve content to any in-range Smartphones running an appropriate application.

Always on 

With the ability to permanently connect your Cloud Beacon to a power source, this gives you an always on Power BLE Beacon.  The 4 on-board 3200mAh batteries guarantee your uptime.

Monitor your Cloud Beacon

You can modify the Bluetooth settings for your Cloud Beacon and constantly monitor your battery level from the Proximity Web Panel.  

Our Proximity REST API gives you programmatic access to these resources and settings.

Further reading

We have several articles to help you choose the best settings for your Beacon deployments.  These are equally valid for selecting your Cloud Beacon BLE settings. All values can be updated directly from your Proximity Web Panel.

- 2016-07-25 07:21:02 UTC
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