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Why do beacons need an ecosystem? They’re simply a piece of hardware—without software, they can’t really do much. So when your beacons arrive, they don’t “know” what to do. They don’t even know they belong to you. Kontakt.io provides you with tools to do a lot with beacons, and here’s where you can get started on your beacon adventure.

Kontakt.io’s Proximity Platform lets you easily configure and manage your beacons. You can organize them into groups (called venues), change their configuration values, enable power management and security features, track battery level, and more. In order to access all these features, you simply need to configure your account and assign your beacons to it.

In this short guide, we’ll walk you through the configuration process. You’ll meet your management tools and set them up to get them to work for you, and we’ll point you where you need to go to answer any beacon-related questions that you may have.

- 2017-12-07 15:27:55 UTC
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