Finding Your Order ID

An Order ID is the unique number that you’ll need, in order to assign your beacons to your account. When you assign an Order ID to an account, it automatically claims all of beacons from that order.

WARNING This ID can only be used once, please make sure to note which account it will be assigned to. Moving beacons afterwards can be accomplished using this guide.

Here's where you can find the Order ID:

  • In any of the emails sent when placing or shipping the order.



  • On the green thank you card inside your beacon box. 

    If you've received more than one, it should come inside the one sealed with a label marked as important.


I can't find mine

If you've misplaced the document with your Order ID, then please take note of the unique ID on your beacons and contact support.

- 2017-12-07 15:33:40 UTC
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