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Why do I need your app? Beacons are Bluetooth-based devices. The only way to communicate with them is over the Bluetooth radio.

Once you create new settings for your beacons via the Proximity Web Panel, you need to deliver them using Bluetooth.That is why provides you with an Admin App for both iOS and Android. Variously, if you’re a developer and you’re writing an application, you can use our SDKs to seamlessly pass information from the Web Panel or API to a beacon that needs to be configured.

Where can I get the app?

The admin app is available for iOS and Android from Apple App Store and Google Play Store respectively. You will find links below.

What can I do with this app?

  • The Admin App makes it easy to deliver any configuration updates you set in Web Panel or API. This includes switching beacon profiles between iBeacon and/or Eddystone, changing advertising data, and modifying broadcasting parameters.

  • The Admin App can also work independently from the Web Panel, making it very useful for quick adjustments to a beacon near you.

  • The app also helps you monitor battery levels of the beacons in its range.

Important to know

  • The Admin App allows you to manage only beacons that are assigned to your account, so remember to log in with your Web Panel credentials.

  • The app requires a smartphone or a tablet equipped with a Bluetooth 4.0. Although the app officially needs only iOS 7.1.2 or Android 4.4., the latest operating system for each platform is highly recommended.

  • Giving the app all permissions it asks for is necessary for proper operations.

  • In order to get the latest features, keep your app updated.
- 2017-12-07 17:19:27 UTC
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