User types & roles: Managers

The Web Panel provides several account types with different permissions so you can easily involve other people into your beacon-based project without providing them with access to your whole infrastructure.


Once you’ve created an account in the Proximity Web Panel, you get a Superuser Account—a fully-functional and standalone account for your beacon management system. If you provide an Order ID during the registration process, all beacons from that order will be added to this account.

A Superuser has all available rights, including creating and removing sub-accounts and assigning beacons to other users.


Sometimes you want to share some of your beacons with your coworkers or other people involved in your project. The Cloud Platform allows you to create sub-accounts within your main account and assign your beacons to other users.

As a Supervisor, the Superuser owns Subordinates’ accounts so he or she can take beacons back from his or her Subordinates or move them to a different Subordinate.

Types of Subordinate accounts

There are two types of Subordinate accounts:

  • Admin Account
  • Operator Account

The only difference between them is that an Admin can also create an Operator account as its Subordinate. This way, Operators can have two Supervisors – the Superuser and an Admin (if they were created by an Admin). Operators can’t create sub-accounts.

Admins can delegate their beacons the same way as the Superuser can, but only in regards to their own Subordinates (Operators). Therefore, an Admin can't move beacons to other Admins or Operators created by different managers.


This whole hierarchical structure of managers is called a Company.

Additional Information

A Subordinate account can always be deleted by any of its Supervisors. When this happens, all beacons assigned to this Subordinate are automatically moved to the account of the Supervisor who has removed a given Subordinate.

For more information on sharing options and the difference between them, please visit this article.

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