1. Prerequisits

Contrary to Kontakt.io Smart Beacons and Tough Beacons, Cloud Beacons require an initial setup before you can start using them.

In order to prepare for this process please:

  1. Make sure that you've read the Kontakt.io Getting Started Guide and already have a Kontakt.io Proximity Web Panel account with your Cloud Beacons assigned to it.
  2. Get the API key for that account. You will find instructions in this support article: How do I find my developer API Key?
  3. Get the following details about your WiFi network configuration:
    • Name (SSID)
    • Password
    • Authorization type (Open/WPA/WPA2)
    • Encryption type (None/TKIP/AES)

Once you collect all the necessary information, please proceed to the next step of this guide.

NOTE: Those instructions refer only to Cloud Beacons with with firmware 2.0 or newer. For Cloud Beacons running on earlier firmware versions (shipped before 30 March 2015), please refer to the archived instructions


- 2016-01-25 11:51:06 UTC
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