3. Connect to the Cloud Beacon

Once your Cloud Beacon is in Configuration mode, it will operate as a new Access Point for your network. If you go to your network settings, you will see that a new WiFi network is available with the name CLOUD_xxxxx where xxxxx is the Unique ID of your Cloud Beacon.

Note: This network is open, i.e does not require a password. The network is only used to connect with your Cloud Beacon during configuration and does not pose a security concern. As soon as you exit configuration mode, the network will cease to exist.

Connect your device to that new network, and then in your Web Browser of choice go to address. The Cloud Beacon network configuration panel will display in your Browser.

Cloud Beacon config panel

WARNING The moment you connect to the network created by your Cloud Beacon, you will lose your Internet connection. Please make sure you have all the necessary information before doing that.


- 2016-01-25 11:58:36 UTC
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