Custom logo requirements

If you are interested in getting our Beacons with your own logo and/or custom casing color, please contact your sales representative, or send an email to our Sales Team BEFORE purchasing beacons.

For a custom logo, please provide a vector-based file in the EPS format saved for CS5 version or older. Make sure that your design file is print-ready – meaning the design is flattened, all shapes are simplified, text converted to outline, and there are no “hidden elements”, etc.

You should also specify the Pantone C code for every color used in your logo. Here is the list of all available colors: Please don’t use colors that aren’t on the list or belong to other palettes (like Pantone Uncoated, Metallic, etc.) If you don't know which color to pick, our designers may do it for you. You may use CMYK colors, but be aware that in this case, we can’t guarantee that the final color will match the one you originally selected.

Smart Beacon

By default, the logo will have size of 3 cm by 3 cm. Per request, we could make it bigger, up to 4 cm by 4 cm.

The standard lead time for beacons with custom logos is 2-3 weeks (counting from the day when you finalize your transaction.) For beacons with custom logos and custom casing colors, it takes approximately 3-4 weeks.

You can also request black or white casings without logo (white label) with no additional costs or waiting time. When it comes to Tough Beacons, they come only in white, and you can’t customize the color or print your own logo.

Tough Beacon

The only available modification for Tough Beacons is the white label option—in this case, the lead time is about one week.


Beacon PRO

Per request, we can print custom logo. There are 3 available sizes: big 50x46,8 mm, medium 45x42,2 mm, and small 40x37,5 mm

Rubber between upper and lower case can be green or gray.

Upper case by default is transparent but can be ordered also in the white version (this affects light sensor reads).

The standard lead time for beacons with custom logos is 2-3 weeks.


- 2017-09-28 12:01:11 UTC
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