Beacon Pro - Brightness Level Power Saving

Thanks to the built-in light sensor, it is possible for your Beacon Pro to detect when the brightness of its environment drops in order for it to enter Power Saving mode.

Power Saving decreases the interval on which your beacon advertises its signal, by three times the configured value. This way the beacon broadcast its signal less frequently, which results in a lower power consumption when the brightness in its surrounding environment decreases. Once the brightness increases, the Power Saving mode will be disabled and the interval will return back to normal. 

In this tutorial we will cover the process of configuring the Power Saving Mode on the Web Panel and synchronizing the configuration to the Beacon Pro. If you are interested in the Working hours power saving option, please review this tutorial.

Web Panel

First log in to your Web Panel account and click on the beacon you desire to turn the Power Saving feature on and go to the Power Saving tab. By default, Power Saving is turned off. 


Turn on the Power Saving option based on Brightness level. You will need to specify a brightness level percentage. If the brightness of the surrounding environment of the Beacon Pro drops below the selected percentage, then Power saving will be enabled. 


Once you save your changes a new configuration for your Beacon Pro will be created. A legend at the top of the page will indicate that it is necessary to synchronize the configuration through the Administration applications.

Now let's go the Management App. There, find the beacon you just created the configuration for and tap on its name, you will see the details of the beacon and the 'Apply pending configuration' button. 

iOS Administration App

It is also possible to create the Power Saving configuration directly on the iOS Management Administration app. To do so, just select your Beacon Pro, from your devices list and scroll down until you see the 'Power Saving' section.

Enable 'Brightness' to select the brightness level.

Then click 'Save' and wait for the configuration to be synchronized.

Android Administration App

Our Android Administration app also provides the Power Saving feature. To enable it,  just select your Beacon Pro, from your devices list. Power saving is located under the configuration section right below Packets. 

Tap on Power Saving.

Turn on 'Brightness Power Level' and select the brightness percentage.


Click 'OK' to return to the details view. Once you are ready to synchronize the configuration, click on the check icon on the top right corner.

After the configuration is successfully synchronized with your beacon, the Power Saving option will be enabled. REST API

It is also possible to enable Power Saving through API. If you would like to learn how, please visit the REST API documentation in the Developer Center.


- 2017-10-18 22:39:50 UTC
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