Beacon Pro broadcasting rules

Introduction of Beacon Pros marks a change of how beacons broadcast their advertising packets. Starting with Beacon Pros we divide all possible advertising packets into four groups:

Beacon Pros use separate virtual BLE broadcasters to send packets from each group. Because of that, packets from different groups have different MAC addresses, so by 3rd party scanners they are treated as packets sent by unrelated beacons. Secure Profile is the only connectable (ADV_IND) packet broadcasted by Beacon Pros. All others are non-connectable (ADV_NONCONN_IND). This way we increase compatibility and discoverability of standard advertising packets (iBeacon, Eddystone) while maintaining the ability to configure Beacon Pros at will, just like on any other device. In order to provide compatibility with iOS and Android devices, Beacon Pros are capable of responding to Scan Requests with a Scan Response packet that is associated with Secure Profile. Secure Profile is also the only packet that can't be disabled on Beacon Pros. It is also the only packet broadcasted when a Beacon Pro is in a Power Saving mode, no matter how many other packets were enabled for normal operations.

The advertising interval on Beacon Pros works mostly the same as with other beacons – it sets a time period between each packet, so the time between the same packet might vary depending on a number of different advertising packets enabled on a beacon. The only exception is Secure Profile packet – it is broadcasted with a separate, fixed interval of 500 ms. It's possible that the Secure Profile packet's broadcasting schedule might interfere with the schedule of iBeacon and Eddystone packets' advertising interval. In these instances Beacon Pro will automatically adjust the broadcasting time of Secure Profile packet or iBeacon/Eddystone packets , making sure there are at least 100 ms between them.

- 2017-03-10 16:29:44 UTC
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