Import and export the configuration of your beacons to a CSV file.

One of the most requested features was added on the latest update to our Web Panel: import/export CSV files. Exporting a CSV file allows you to get the details of all the beacons on you Web Panel account, or for just a selected few. Importing a CSV file will create new pending configurations for the devices included in the file.


The export feature allows you to download the complete list of configurations for all the beacon on your account or for the selected ones. 

To get a CSV file for all the devices on your account, click on the CSV dropdown menu and select the 'Export all () as CSV' option.


This will take you to the confirmation page.


There click on the 'Download .CSV file' button and the download will begin instantly. 

NOTE If a device has pending configuration, the values of that pending configuration will be used on the CSV file.

If you would like to get the information of just a couple of devices, simply select them from the list, click on CSV and you will see that the export option will only include the total of devices you selected.


This is particularly useful if you manage larger fleets of devices and you would like to get the information of those that belong to a particular order Id. To simplify this, it is possible to use the search feature to find those devices that belong to a particular order Id, venue or have a certain major or minor.


The import feature creates a pending configuration for all the devices included in the CSV file. This configuration then needs to be synchronized to the beacons using the administration apps. 

NOTE If the .CSV file contains an invalid value in a config, the whole config for a particular device will be skipped and reported on the errors list on the summary page.

On the file it is only necessary to add values for those parameters that you would like to change and the Unique Id of the device. Please use the SampleCSV file as reference.

Once you have create your .csv file all you need to do is click on the CSV dropdown and select the Import CSV option.


Then you will need to select the CSV file you would like to use to create the new pending configurations and click on 'Apply config & summary'.


Once the file has completed processing, it will provide a summary of the configuration that includes the number of successfully created configurations and a list (that can be downloaded) with any errors that occurred when creating the configurations. 


One of the most common errors is trying to set a proximity and/or namespace for a shuffled device, as these values can not be changed once shuffling is enabled. Also trying to enable all available packets for beacons with firmware 3.X or below.


- 2017-11-01 18:11:43 UTC
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