How to write a good support request?

We're doing our best to answer your questions as quickly as we can. There are a couple of things, though, you can do to get your problem solved faster. Here they are.

Look around before you submit your request. In many cases, you can get your question answered instantly—without submitting any request! Most of the common questions have already been answered and we keep adding new articles.  Please browse our Help Center before leaving a ticket—you’ll save your time and help us reply to other requests faster. Win-win :)

Provide detailed information about your problem. Describe your problem in detail, so our support personnel can identify your problem and solve it right away instead of going back and forth to get all the necessary data. So please tell us:

  1. what exactly are you trying to achieve with beacons?
  2. at what stage do you encounter a problem?
  3. what tools are you using?
  4. what beacons are affected (please provide their Unique IDs)?
  5. are you able to reproduce this bug on other beacons?
  6. to what account are those beacons assigned to?
  7. any other information that you think may help us find a solution for you.

Grant us an access to your Proximity Web Panel account. Diagnosing some problems is much faster if we can access your account to make changes directly. We don’t need your password, just a clearly expressed consent to modify some settings if needed.


Visit our GitHub account. If you are a developer, and you have a problem with our Proximity SDKs, please raise an issue on our GitHub account. Our developers are monitoring them and can help you if there is something wrong with the SDKs. Please be aware, though, that we don’t provide support in writing applications. We assume that you have a proper knowledge and experience to write mobile applications on your own.

Contact our Sales team if you are interested in beacons. They are better qualified to help you choose the right solution for your needs, discuss pricing, partnerships, or any non-standard requests regarding our products.

- 2016-09-08 11:47:50 UTC
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