Eddystone-URL - Enabling Physical Web and Nearby on Android devices

If you are planning to create a demo with Eddystone-URL, in order to see the URLs being broadcasted by your beacons you have to make sure some configurations are enabled on your device.

To work with the Physical Web on Chrome, make sure that you have Physical Web enabled on the app Privacy settings.


One other option when working with Eddystone-URL is to use "Nearby". In order to review if your device has nearby enabled, go to Google settings, and under the services section you will see 'Nearby' and 'Nearby discoveries'.

Make sure that Nearby is turned "on".

On Nearby discoveries, you can start to scan for devices around you.

Once you are in range of a device it will be displayed in the scan results.

The final option is using the Physical Web app from Google to search for nearby beacons broadcasting URLs.

- 2017-10-10 19:19:25 UTC
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