Sharing beacons based on access type

There are a couple of different ways in which you can share your beacons with other accounts. It will all depend on the level of access you would like to give to that account.


Change owner (Assign to subordinate)

If you want to share beacons with an account of someone from your organization, so that he/she can change the configuration of the beacons, it will be necessary that you 'assign' the beacons to that manager account. To learn how to do this please follow this tutorial.

Share with ... permissions (Read-only, assign to venues, create actions)

If you want to share a beacon with an account, but you don't want them to be able to change the configuration of your beacons, then you will need to 'share' them. There are two sharing permission levels: viewer and editor permissions.

If given the viewer permission, they can only see the beacon's detail. They won't be able to assign them to venues nor creating actions.

If given the editor permission they will be able to assign the beacon to a venue, create actions for it and give the beacon an 'alias'. They will not be able to change the configuration of the beacons.

To share beacons this way, select the beacons, click on bulk edit, go to the Sharing tab, select the type of permission: viewer or editor, enter the email address on the share with field, select an expiration date (or click on the forever checkbox if you don't want the permission to expire) and save the changes.


WARNING Accounts with beacons shared this way, will not be able to see the beacons listed on the management app.

Move to another company

If you want to give the beacons to an account that doesn't belong to your organization, then you will need to move the beacons following this tutorial. Please note that by doing this, you will give full control of the beacon to that account and it will no longer be visible under your Web panel account.

- 2017-10-09 19:39:21 UTC
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