4. Enter your configuration

When you are connected to the WiFi network created by your Cloud Beacon in configuration mode, and point your Web Browser to you will be able to set up your Cloud Beacon for your own WiFi network.

Please fill all available fields with the correct data:

  1. SSID Name is a name of a WiFi network you want your Cloud Beacon to be connected to. This name is case-sensitive.
  2. SSID Password is a password for the WiFi network you want to connect to. It is also case-sensitive. It can be empty if the network you're pointing your Cloud Beacon is Open (does not require a password in order to connect to it).
  3. API Key is case-sensitive as well. It needs to be from the account you have assigned your Cloud Beacon to.
  4. SSID Authorization & SSID Encryption – please refer to your WiFi router/access point configuration in order to find the right values.

When all the above fields are correctly filled, please click on the Submit button to update your Cloud Beacon. It will stop flashing light blue and then the LED will briefly turn light green indicator and then a second or two later, light blue to indicate that the device has reset.

Your configuration is now applied to the Cloud Beacon. You can just close the browser window, the network connection will have already disappeared.

- 2017-08-01 21:24:55 UTC
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    Robin Thomas

    I have followed these steps, and little pink and dark blue lights are blinking on top of the gateway, but it doesn't appear to be synchronizing and I cannot access it from the Kontak app on my mobile phone. What should I do next?

  • Avatar
    Karin De Uriarte Langholz

    Hello Robin,
    My first recommendation would be to check the firmware of your Cloud beacon, there is an update to firmware 2.5 that is required in order for Cloud beacons to continue to work. You can read more about this here:
    Please feel free to submit a support request, so that we can help you troubleshoot this further.

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