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Kontakt.io Customer Care* is our new premium service. Specially tailored to cover the needs of our clients that require a more personalized technical support and that are interested in taking continuous care for their beacons. 

Customer Care starts as a 1 year plan, but you can choose to get your premium service for the amount of time it best suits your project. You will get additional benefits starting on 2 years subscriptions.



*Available only for new beacon purchases.


  • Email support with guaranteed 2-hour first response time during our business hours
  • Phone support by request (call back service) during our business hours
  • Onboarding for any Kontakt.io product or tools [by request]
  • Solution Audit (UX/UI-focus) by CS-Engineer [by request]
  • Dedicated Customer Support Specialist [by request]
  • Direct escalation to Engineering Management
  • 99,5% uptime guaranteed for Kontakt.io Cloud


Everything included on the first year of subscription plus Extended Warranty. The extended warranty provides warranty of your beacons for the complete duration of your subscription (Kontakt.io beacons default warranty is 1 year).

This means that if one of your beacons fails while your subscription is active, we will replace it completely free of charge, covering the shipping cost as well. If the given beacon model is no longer available, the beacon will be replaced with the newest generation beacon with the exact same configurations, casings and labeling.

The warranty excludes batteries, but our Technical Support team will evaluate case by case.


Everything included above plus Beacon Fleet Battery Monitoring* and Beacon Revival.

With the Beacon Fleet Battery Monitoring, our Technical Support Team will monitor your beacon fleet and notify you, when it is time to prepare for battery change, or swapping your beacons for new ones.

Beacon revival grants you several heavily discounted options to revive beacon fleet:

  • Battery shipment > we will ship new batteries with $1 per Beacon
  • Beacon clones > we will create exact clones of your beacons, and ship them to you, so that you can swap them for the non-working ones, with a 25% discount on the beacon price.

*For the best results this requires SDK integration or Gateways, but it can also be done by estimating battery-life based on initial beacon configurations.

- 2017-10-03 21:21:44 UTC
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