How to change your account's email address Proximity Web Panel identifies users by their email addresses, but it’s currently not possible to change that email directly from the Web Panel, you can only do it by using Proximity API or creating a new account and reassigning beacons.

Using Proximity API
Our API has several endpoints responsible for getting and modifying information about managers (the Web Panel users.) You can use it for changing an email address as well, and here’s how to do it.

WARNING This method is suitable only for people familiar with RESTful APIs. Make sure you know how to make API calls, read JSON responses, etc. before trying to change your email address this way.

First, you need to get a Manager ID of your account by calling the GET /manager endpoint. Find your account on this list (if you don’t have any sub-accounts, it will be the only one there) and get the value of the id key.

Then, make a POST /manager/update request, specifying the managerId parameter (your account’s id from the previous response) as well as a new email address in the email parameter.

Here's a sample call using Postman for Chrome, note that you can also update the account's name and last name.



Creating a new account and moving beacons
Another way is creating a new account and moving your beacons there. Unfortunately, contrary to the API method, your venue structures and sub-accounts won’t be saved (you’ll need to create them again.)

- 2017-11-03 17:50:59 UTC
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