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Sometimes your Kontakt.io beacons are not visible on the Kontakt.io management app, but this doesn't mean they are not working. The most common causes are described in the article: 'Why aren't my beacons visible on the Kontatk.io management app?'

To make sure that your beacons are working, by correctly broadcasting their signal, you can use any 3rd party BLE scanner app to scan for your beacons. This is usually one of the first steps to troubleshoot beacons that appear not to be working as the BLE scanner app will scan for all BLE signals, regardless of vendor or device type.

All you need to do is start the scan, preferably, isolating the beacons from all other BLE devices around so that it is easier for you to identify them on the scan results screen.

There are some available on both Apple and Google Play stores, like nRF Connect by Nordic, which we will be using for the purpose of this article. As both version of the app differ due to OS limitations, we will review them separately.

nRF Connect for iOS

If it is the first time you open the app it will be necessary to dismiss a message, and after that it will automatically start the scan for nearby BLE devices. As it will scan for all bluetooth devices around it is recommended to isolate the beacons you are want to review. 


nRF Connect for Android

When used for the first time, the app displays a tutorial explaining every aspect of the application. Once you swipe all the way to the end you will be able to start the scan by clicking on the 'Scan' button on the top right corner. This version provides more information about the devices than the iOS version.


The Android version includes a very useful feature that the iOS version doesn't: filters. Since you know the Unique Id of your Kontakt.io beacons as they are printed on the back, you can use them to filter the scan results and help you find your beacons on the list in case it is not possible to isolate them before scanning.

If the 3rd party BLE app displays your beacons on the scan results, then your beacons are working correctly. If your beacons are not displayed in the app, even after replacing the battery, then please submit a support ticket.



- 2016-11-22 16:23:33 UTC
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