Beacon deployment and maintenance

The planning, installation and maintenance of a beacon ecosystem are all interlinked and making the right choices in the one stage makes the next one that much easier. Remember that deploying beacons is a technical matter. It involves a degree of familiarity with some best practices regarding how to use the hardware and how to optimize it for your environment.

This is true right from the beginning when you take your first beacons out of the box to see what they can do. 

  • Are you testing your beacons in the right way?
  • Are you taking all relevant environmental factors into account?
  • Do your test conditions accurately represent the space where your beacons will be deployed?

In this blog post, you will find a Quick-Start Guide to Beacon Installation and Maintenance.

Deployment and Maintenance Services by

Over the past year we have observed that questions around deployment, maintenance and lower total costs of ownership become more pressing as the ecosystem moves towards large scale deployments around the world. 

  • What types of deployment is the best one for my project: Point-Based or Grid-Based?
  • How many beacons do I need to cover certain areas?
  • What configuration is the best for my beacons? 
  • How often will I have to replace their batteries?

In order to provide the right answer for the above question is necessary to understand how beacons work and the project specific needs, which is why we are launching’s Global Deployment and Maintenance Service. Visit our blog post to learn more about these services.

- 2016-11-15 19:04:13 UTC
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