Kontakt.io Secure Communication

Beacon, Double Battery Beacon and Tough Beacon with the firmware 4.0 and above are now configured in a completely secure way that no longer compromises your password while the configuring (mobile) device is connected to the beacon. In the new communication protocol, beacons are configured via one (and only one) characteristic, which is an encrypted package. This means that, unlike current beacon configuration methods, which require a back and forth communication for every single value that is configured, beacons configure much faster because it is all applied via one package. These packages are created within the Proximity REST API and applied with the new Kontakt.io Admin App (or via other app that incorporates Kontakt.io Proximity SDK).

For users who have been using Kontakt.io’s own configuration tools (Web Panel, API, Admin App) to configure beacons with Kontakt.io Standard (FW 3.1 or older), Kontakt.io Secure doesn’t appear to change anything. While you may not see anything, this change not only secure the communication, but also removes the  possibility that due to a poor connection, only half of a beacon’s new settings are configured.

This also presents a huge new opportunity for clients, because the new Secure Communication can decentralize the configuration process from the Kontakt.io Admin app to client apps instead. If you develop a client app with the Kontakt.io Proximity SDK, the app will deliver new configurations for any detected beacons, powered by Kontakt.io Secure. Since the packet that the user is broadcasting on behalf of you is simply an encrypted string, there’s no way that they can extract any useful information from it, making Kontakt.io Secure configuration equally safe whether applied via our admin app or via a client facing application.

You might want to take a look at the following support articles explaining how to turn on and use the latest features:

- 2016-12-22 17:46:31 UTC
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